I retired from the hurly burly of corporate life in 2010 and took up photography with a vengeance.  Initially the plan was for the camera, and the rest of the gear, to be the catalyst that got my wife and I out of the house but then plans changed.....
Initially I started to enter competitions, with a modicum of success, and then found to my surprise that some of my images were viewed as being quite good. So the initial plan evolved to the stage where now I treat it as a self funding hobby.  Like any hobby one doesn't need more gear one wants more gear.  I find myself lusting after that new lens, a body upgrade, well camera at least, so now my endeavours are focused on my photographic work becoming a "self-funding hobby", meaning that before I buy the new gear I want I have to earn the money first. 
So far I have been reasonably successful; to date I have broken even, well apart from the initial outlay in 2010.
So please feel free to have a look through some of my images on this site. 
If some of it appeals to you then I would appreciate it if you would let me know, or even better buy one or two of my images so that I can continue to fund my habit.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work.
Cheers Chris

2009 joined 1x.com photo community

September 2015 joined Horndean Camera Club

October 2015 joined the Royal Photographic Society with a view to improving my photography and hopefully gaining some distinctions.

November 2015 gained RPS Licentiate Accreditation 

May 2017 gained RPS Associate Accreditation